Whirlpool Washing Machine Common Repair Issues

Whirlpool washing machines are the most common brands you see everywhere in Singapore. The brand has gotten through the test of time and it’s here to stay. Despite a complaint here and there about their products, it remains to be a favourite in the industry.

Loud humming sound

Washer Not Draining

Washer Not Agitating

Whirlpool Washing Machine Common Features

Perhaps the most notable features of Whirlpool products are their different options for the type of fabric that needs laundry care; usage of higher temperature for sanitizing purposes; and how they innovate to save and utilise more space at home.

Whirlpool uses the Intuitive Touch Controls feature that gives you more freedom on how to treat different fabrics. This is important since we wash different types on a daily or weekly basis. For example, your blankets require totally different settings from the ones you use for your clothes.

Germ-free laundry

The use of high temperatures to get rid of germs in clothes and other fabric materials is not new. In fact, it’s becoming some sort of prerequisite in the newer washing machines that we see in the market now. However, Whirlpool is taking it to a whole new level. They can provide you with model suggestions if this is the feature you want to prioritise.

Is it the perfect fit for your house?

This is where Whirlpool gets ahead. It focuses on space-saving innovations, making it extremely beneficial for those who have small spaces at home. Many of their models also feature extra drawers, making storage of laundry materials such as soap much easier and accessible.

Whirlpool washing machine common repair issues

If you’re going to search for reviews online (which is a wise thing to do), you’ll see a lot of people complain about odours coming out of the machine over time. Some even report moulds. As you can imagine, this can pose bigger threats over time.

Another common complaint we received from Whirlpool washing machine users is the loud humming sound they hear after a few months of use. If not addressed properly, this can advance to the machine shaking quite violently.

What we suggest you do in these situations is approach a professional right away. The last thing you want is for the wrong person to take a look and misdiagnose the problem. It could’ve been an easy fix. But because of faulty assumptions, you might end up having to purchase new parts or pay up for more complicated repairs.

At SG Washing Machine Repair, this is what we avoid. We try to solve the problem in the simplest manner, only taking on more extensive repairs if needed. We don’t want our clients to pay more than they have to. We also take washing machine care pretty seriously. That’s why we offer our clients advice on how they can maintain it to its best conditions.

If you want to work with experts who put your best interests at heart, all you have to do is fill out the contact form. Let’s talk more about your Whirlpool washing machine repair issue. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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