Samsung Washing Machine Common Repair Issues

We all know that Samsung is among the leading brands of many appliances we see at home. They’ve done many innovative improvements with their products, securing a top spot in the market today. But how about their washing machines? Do they excel in this field as well as in the others?

The same with other washing machine brands, Samsung received their fair share of good and bad reviews. Luckily for many Samsung washing machine users out there, the 5-star reviews we see online still outweigh the 1-,2-, or even 3-stars combined

Lots of wrinkles on clothes

Sudden stop

Tub not spinning

Samsung washing machine common features

Like most innovative companies, Samsung focuses on introducing new technologies on a regular basis. Among the features that you’ll see in many of their models is the AddWash™ tech. Ever had the experience where you forgot to include a piece or two of clothing? You only remembered it midway so the choices are you start all over again or not include those clothes anymore. With the AddWash™ option, you don’t have to start over again. All you have to do is add it mid-cycle.

They also have front and top load models that feature different innovations. For instance, some of their front load models have the EcoBubble™ Technology which claims to remove the dirt more effectively by dissolving the detergents you use much faster than other washers. Their top load models, on the other hand, feature the Activ Dualwash™ which provides a pre-wash option in the built-in sink.

Samsung washing machine common repair issues

One of the most common issues that users encounter with a Samsung washing machine is how its washer doesn’t agitate the way it’s supposed to. A number of clients complained that it’s causing a lot more wrinkles to their clothes than normal. There are a number of possible reasons behind this. The best thing to do is to check the machine itself to avoid speculations.

Another common problem is how this brand’s washing machine just stops working over time. We’ve encountered a number of clients who reported the same thing after around 2 years of good use. It can be a problem with either the dryer or the washer or even both. For this, we really recommend that you hire a trusted technician because this can be really frustrating.

And last that we’re going to mention is the mould. Yep, mould forming and accumulating over time is one of the common complaints we receive not only for Samsung but also for other major brands. What we suggest here is proper care, which we can provide for all our clients.

All these things—especially the frustration of having to deal with a faulty washing machine—can be avoided if you have the right experts by your side. If the things we mentioned above are all too familiar for you, don’t hesitate to fill out the contact form to reach us. If you’re encountering issues we didn’t tackle here, no problem. Set an appointment with us and we’ll get right to it.

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