Panasonic Washing Machine Common Repair Issues

Panasonic is a famous brand for the different appliances they produce for our homes and offices. Of course, we know a lot about their washing machines. If you’re looking into buying a washing machine from this brand, we suggest that you take a look at their most famous features as well as the common Panasonic washing machine repair issues you’re likely going to encounter.

Mould and bad odour

Different error codes

Machine not starting

Panasonic washing machine common features

Panasonic has many different models you can choose from. For example, their top-loading washing machines can have a capacity of up to 8 kg, which is perfect for larger families. A good example is the Panasonic NA-W80H2ARB which is semi-automatic.

Aside from having a transparent lid, it also has a buzzer which makes laundry days easier and hassle-free for you. We should also mention its double action pulsator and the 3-course options available for its dryer.

If you are looking for something with less capacity, you can go for the Panasonic NA-F70B5HRB. It’s a top-loading full automatic. It has the capacity of 5.5 kg, which definitely works for a 2- to 3-person households. The cassette lint filter is a great feature to enjoy as well.

Panasonic washing machine common repair issues

When it comes to complaints, Panasonic is no exemption. We’ve received countless of complaints that range from mould and bad odour coming out to dryer not functioning properly just days after its purchase.

Normally, we don’t like to generalise because most of the time, it’s a case-to-case basis. But with Panasonic, we’ve noticed some patterns that you might want to look into. But we must definitely say that it remains to be a great washing machine brand.

Panasonic washing machine common error codes

The first issue we’re going to tackle is the error codes. The problem depends on the model. For instance, you may receive an error code for draining problems. There is also a code for spinner malfunctions. There are many possible reasons behind this. It could be the lid switch, or the drain hose, or even just the door lock.

You can always search the internet for the meaning of the codes. But when it comes to solving the problem yourself, you might want to give it a second thought. We’ve had too many clients who took it upon themselves to repair the machine and it ended up worse than before.

The second common issue is the washing machine not starting after a few good years of unproblematic use. Let us assure you, this happens to other brands as well.

Regardless of how small the problem is, we always advise our clients to consult professionals. This is the only way to make sure that you don’t worsen the problem. You can gain a lot of information over the internet but nothing beats a personal check up done by an expert. So do fill out the contact form so we can talk about any issues you are struggling with. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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