LG Washing Machine Common Repair Issues

LG is known for their smart technologies and sleek design. Their innovations allow them to remain at the top appliance brands loved by many all over the world. Just like most of their products, their washing machines are considered to be among the best in the market. They’re durable, efficient, and packed with useful features.

Washer not draining

Washer not spinning

Washer not starting

LG washing machine common features

LG has long established their authority in the industry through the technologies and features users can enjoy from all of their models. To give you an idea of the innovations this manufacturer has achieved, we’re going to mention some of the common features that can be found in their products.

Allergiene Technology

This is going to be some good news for those who summer from allergies and asthma. The Allergiene Technology boasts of removing around 95% of all dust, pet fur, and mites, effectively eliminating allergens that could put your and your family’s health in danger.


This particular technology developed by LG is based on steam’s capabilities to perform more intensive cleaning than water. It is more effective in penetrating different kinds of fibres. What’s more is it uses less water, effectively allowing you to save on the resource. Take note, however, that SteamFreshTM is not for all kinds of fabrics. Examples of garments that you shouldn’t treat with this function are wool, silk, and nylon. For good measure, avoid doing so with easily discoloured garments as well.

Overnight Wash Cycles

Everybody wants to get things done even if they are asleep. It saves a lot of time, allowing you to focus more on other important things. This is exactly what overnight wash cycles can do for you. With this feature, you can wash and dry even if you are catching up some sleep. However, it’s quite limited as you can only load lightweight items overnight.

LG washing machines have more features to offer. They can provide you with your needs, may it be for efficiency or space-saving purposes. With LG’s huge array of choices, you can always find the perfect washing machine for you.

LG washing machine common repair issues

Just like any other brands, LG washing machines are not exempted in terms of having repair issues. Among which are problems with the washer. There are cases when it won’t drain, spin, or even start. You may also have to deal with leakage, some wild vibration or noises, and water overflowing everywhere. For the spinning problem, the issue may be with the lid switch assembly. Another possible cause is the drive belt being damaged. As for the washer not draining, there are way too many possible culprits.

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