Sanyo Washing Machine Common Repair Issues

Sanyo, among the most popular brands not just in Singapore but also in Asia and even the world.

Spinner Not Functioning

Washer Not Draining

Washer Not Agitating

Sanyo washing machine repair Singapore

There are different washing machine brands to choose from. One of which is Sanyo, among the most popular brands not just in Singapore but also in Asia and even the world. Through time, it has proven to be quite dependable. But depending on the case, they can be burdensome as well.

Before we move on to the different repair issues people usually encounter with this brand, let us touch on its most common features first. Sanyo, just like other major washing machine brands, have models for semi-automatic and full-automatic washing machines. This means that they have a sufficient array of choices that cater to the consumer’s differing needs.

Sanyo washing machine common features

Among the most notable features of their machine is the metallic material used for the body of some of their products. No, this is totally rust-free, so you don’t have to worry about that part. You can also enjoy the twin water inlets in their semi-automatics. Two modes are available for these models: gentle and normal wash modes. If you are looking for something perfect for a small family, you can go for their 5-kg machine. Otherwise, there’s the 6- or 8-kg capacity you can choose from.

If you choose to go for the full-automatic Sanyo washing machine, you won’t go wrong for there are a bunch of features you’ll certainly enjoy. It offers 5 wash modes or courses: normal, heavy-duty, custom, blanket, and dry care. There’s also the LED display which is guaranteed to be user-friendly. The preset timer may also prove useful during busy days. These are just among the common features you can find in a Sanyo automatic washing machine.

Sanyo washing machine common repair issues

Among the most common Sanyo washing machine repair issues that users encounter with the product are the following:

  • spinner not functioning
  • washer not draining
  • washer not agitating
  • water leaking

Now, there are different reasons why you’d encounter these things. For the problem with the spinner, it could be issues with the drive belt. Another reason is the door latch or the lid switch. For some, it’s the motor that needs repair. For the washer issues, it could be the drain pump, the lock motor, door lock, etc. The thing is, there are so many things that can go wrong.

Many users also found themselves in worse situations than they were before because technicians failed to solve the problem on their first tries, causing more harm than help. There are also those who requested for this and that part, only to waste time and money. The worst part is, it could’ve required only a small fix. But because they weren’t able to figure that out, complications arose and now your machine is beyond repair.

This is what you need to avoid. Hire only the professionals you trust. Make sure that you have a guarantee clause in case things go wrong. One way to know if you can trust the washing machine repair experts is by seeking testimonials from clients they’ve had before. At SG Washing Machine Repair, we can provide you with all these. Fill out the contact form now, and we’ll talk more about it.

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