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Aljunied Washing Machine Repair

What once used to be an agricultural area is now teeming with HDB flats and amenities created to make the residents’ lives more comfortable and fulfilled. Aljunied really has everything with its parks and shophouses, schools and recreational facilities, restaurants and cafes. Have you ever wondered why it’s named Aljunied?

Well, it’s almost common knowledge but it came from Syed Sharif Omar bin Ali Al Junied, one of the most prominent landowners in the area. A respected man, he was a merchant whose success started to kick off when he decided to leave Tarim, Yemen, his beloved hometown, to set up his business in Palembang. He was known for having a generous heart and philanthropist spirit. Among his major contributions is what we now have as the Jalan Kubor Cemetery. Aside from the man himself, his nephew also migrated to Singapore from Palembang before the modernisation of the country.

With all this rich history, no wonder that residents of Aljunied are as proud as they can be. Living in a place like this, no one can ask for more. Well, except when your own appliances start to make things a little harder for you, affecting almost everything you lined up for your day. That’s one of the things we’re going to solve for you; no more stressing over small things when you can make use of your time for more important matters.

At SG Washing Machine Repairs, we provide solutions to all kinds of problems you have with your washing machine. One of the questions we receive is whether or not we repair a relatively old model. Of course, we do! We take pride in the fact that we can deal with any model or brand that you throw at us. Needless to say, we don’t back down from any repair issue as well, whether it is a highly-complicated electrical work or something that just needs tweaking, we’ll be there for you. If you want to give our services a shot, simply fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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