Electrolux Washing Machine Common Repair Issues

Electrolux is known for its high-quality stain-removing features. With its innovative technologies, it’s not a surprise that it’s considered to be one of the best brands out there. It competes quite well both in cleaning and drying performance as well as efficiency. It may be true that the brand produces designs that are modest compared to others, but the overall looks of their models remain sleek, compact, and elegant.

Loud noise

Washer not spinning

Washer shakes violently

Electrolux washing machine common features

When it comes to high-capacity front-loading washing machines, Electrolux is one of the go-to brands. You can choose between their 7.5- to 10-kg models. Among the technologies worth mentioning when talking about Electrolux is their Vapour Action System, where you’ll enjoy the Vapour Refresh.  What does it do?

We’ve been in the business for quite some time now and we should say that this is a unique feature. It allows a 21-minute cycle where your garments will be up for “refreshment” without the use of neither water nor detergent. IT’s all vapour. As a result, it will be free from wrinkles and undesirable odours that you usually encounter with your clothes.

The system also has a time manager, which is perfect for those who are busy most of the time. Another feature you might enjoy with an Electrolux washing machine? Their Woolmark Cycle, where you can wash and dry your washable wool garments.

Electrolux washing machine common repair issues

If you own an Electrolux washing machine, some of the common repair issues you might have to deal with are washer problems where it doesn’t spin, agitate, or drain. We’ve also encountered cases where it creates loud, uncomfortable noises. Sometimes, the machine shakes so violently, naturally alarming our clients.

Aside from these, you may also experience issues concerning water. It may be a leakage or the washer won’t fill up at all. There are also instances where it’s the opposite: the washer overflows. The worst case scenario would be your washing machine not starting up. Of course these issues are common to many washing machine brands, but if you experience any of these, we suggest that you refer to a trusted technician right away.

At SG Washing Machine, we always try to emphasize the importance of trusting only qualified experts. One of the common things that cause more complications is when you entrust your appliance to the wrong person. This doesn’t only waste your time and money but it also exposes your machine to more danger. A simple problem at first may worsen to irreparable damage. Purchasing a washing machine is a huge investment, so we know that you don’t want this to happen.

If you’re having troubles and you need professionals to perform an Electrolux washing machine repair Singapore, all you need to do is fill out the contact form below. No matter how big or small it is, we’ll be there to serve you.

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